Increased regulatory scrutiny, Tightening capital requirements, The simultaneous threat and opportunity of digital technologies. Capital markets players need to identify the critical strategic interventions required to restore profitable growth and remain nimble in the face of uncertainty.

Top 10 Challenges for Investment.

The investment banking industry was starting to face a global financial crisis—a situation that would dominate agendas and focus C-suite attention on regulatory compliance, capital optimization and cost reduction for years to come. Recently, however, we have witnessed a distinct shift in priorities. More than ever before, investment banks are paying attention to digital technologies and financial technology (FinTech) innovations.

As barriers to entry fall, they are increasingly aware of an ecosystem that is emerging just beyond the four walls of their institutions. This development is prompting new solutions and highlighting the need for fundamental change. Rapid innovation, increased competition and rising consumer expectations are among the defining characteristics of this new reality, which has the potential to shape investment banks and the industry in exciting ways.

1. Workforce of the Future
Dealing with Business Change and the Millennial Challenge
2. Investment Banking Technology
Jettisoning Legacy Architectures
3. Reference Data Management
Understanding the True Cost
4. Blockchain Technology
Preparing for Change
5. Value Based Cost Reduction
Finding the Optimal Strategy for Revenue Growth
6. Global Structural Reform
Establishing a New-Era Response to Business Restructuring
7. Trading Commissions
Rising Above the "Race to Zero"
8. Digital Disruption
Embracing an Integrated Digital Ecosystem
9. Cyber Security
Confronting the Threat
10. Market Data
Taking Control of the Cost Spiral