1. We help clients to use sustainability as a lens for business value creation—integrating sustainability approaches into client’s business strategies, operating models, processes and technologies.

2. We help organizations leverage their assets and capabilities to drive innovation and profitable growth while delivering a positive economic, environmental and social impact.

We work with clients across industries and geographies to integrate sustainability approaches into their business strategies, operating models, processes and technologies. Our holistic approach encompasses strategy, design and execution to help increase revenue, reduce cost, manage risk and enhance brand, reputation and intangible assets. We are also leaders in understanding the impact of digital technologies on our clients businesses from a sustainability perspective and applying areas such as social media, cloud computing, mobility, analytics and big data to help them compete to win.

Ellison’s solutions help businesses and public sector organizations identify, develop and implement sustainability strategies that not only drive performance and address their most pressing needs, but also take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead. We also help clients develop deep insights on sustainability issues based on our ongoing investments in research, including recent studies on consumer and investor expectations and global executive opinion on corporate sustainability and climate change.

We apply our insights and know-how to help clients achieve and sustain high performance through solutions in the following areas:

  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Technology & Intelligent Infrastructure - Sustainability
  • Operational Excellence

Strong capabilities in digital and technology strategy, business analytics, performance management and supply chain allow us to embed sustainability within our clients' operations to drive innovation and growth. And our skills in human capital strategy, organizational change strategy and leadership development also help embed a mindset of sustainability within the culture of an organization.

Specific Flexible Services Offered
  • Circular Digital Platforms
  • Cities Digital Master Planning
  • Smart Grid Services
  • Clean Energy, Waste and Water Solutions
  • Enterprise Energy Management Services
  • Green IT

Our Financial Sustainability services include:

  • Enterprise Performance Management Opportunity Assessment: assesses current practices and organization model to develop a strategy for performance management transformation
  • Portfolio Optimization: captures more economic value from the enterprise’s cash, capital and cost positions.
  • Reporting and Analytics Strategy: rationalizes management reporting, measuring and analysis, and strengthens decision making.
  • Integrated Planning and Forecasting: defines financial planning and flexible financial planning and analysis operating models for enhanced responsiveness.
  • Zero-based Budgeting: uses real-time planning, zero-based budgeting and cost-focused decision making to help the enterprise better invest its resources for growth.
  • Finance Data Strategy: integrates structured, unstructured, internal and external data to improve forecasting and reporting insights.
  • Finance Technology Strategy: articulates the value proposition and business case for the finance technology platform and operating model.
  • EPM Capabilities for Hyperion: more robust business analytics, enhanced end-to-end performance management capabilities, skills, and emerging digital technologies.